Brazilian Afro Keratin

One step to the dream hair!

Brazilian Afro Keratin is the powerful volume reduction with only one step, created for all types of hair, especially resistant, natural and thick! With unique Amino System, amino acids, olive oil and coconut oil, its amazing formula performs the perfect alignment of the hair fiber, disciplined and treats the strands, providing intense reduction of frizz, malleability and plenty of shine!

Indication: Ideal for resistant, natural and thick hair
This line is composed of: Brazilian Afro Keratin 
Main active ingredients: Coconut oil and olive oil

Size: Available in 1L and 250Ml

Step by Step


Attention: For an incredible result, watch out for the flat iron temperature: Blonde, bleached or relaxed hair: 180°C. Brown and virgin hair: 210°C. Afro-textured or undyed hair: 230°C.